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Activities and events

Project Closing Event of EASA Component

21 September 2023

CORSIA for Zambian Aeroplane Operators and Civil Aviation Authority

6-7 September 2023

Establishing a practical implementation plan and consolidation activities for Zambia Drones Centre of Excellence (CoE)

July-Sept 2023

Support for consolidation of SSP development and SMS Awareness

August 2023

Follow-up of SSPIA PQs and of ATS SMS implementation at KKIA

July-August 2023

Review and working sessions on the SSP Document, the SSP Foundational PQs, the SSP Gap Analysis, on the SSP and SMS regulations and on the National Aviation Safety Plan

June 2023

10th Project Steering Committee in Lusaka

May 2023

Meeting of EASA's Safety Investigation Section Head with the Director of the Zambian AAIB in Lusaka

March 2023

Runway Safety Workshop in Lusaka

22 June 2022

Safety Performance Indicators (SPIs) Workshop in Lusaka

21 June 2022

Meteorology Workshop in Lusaka

20 June 2022

Safety Management System (SMS) briefing for Support Staff

15 June 2022

Inspector Safety Management System (SMS) Oversight Workshop

10 June 2022

State Safety Programme Implementation Assessment (SSPIA)

9 June 2022

One day Workshop on Safety Management Systems (SMS) for ZCAA inspectors

2 February 2022 


Mission of EASA’s Safety Investigation expert in Lusaka

24-28 January 2022


Gala dinner in Lusaka

12 November 2021


Workshops for Industry and for CAA Inspectors on Safety Management topics

November 2021


9th Steering Committee Meeting

13 October 2021


15th Technical Working Group

23 July 2021

SAFE 360˚, the Safety in Aviation Forum for Europe

8-10 June 2021


14th Technical Working Group Meeting

28 April 2021

SSP implementation support in 2021

January 2021

AOC OPS Specs support in 2021

January 2021

Gender Equality in Aviation - Conferences

10 December 2020 and 25 March 2021


7th Project Steering Committee Meeting

2 December 2020

12th Technical Working Group Meeting

19 November 2020


November 2020

Safety Management Systems Webinar  

July- September 2020

Quality Management Systems Webinar  

July- September 2020

Human Factors Webinar

July- September 2020

Accident and Incident Investigation

29 June to 3 July 2020


6th Steering Committee Meeting

July 2020

5th Project Steering Committee Meeting

11 December 2019

8th Project Technical Working Group

29 October 2019

OPS/PEL expert

Long term expert deployment from late 2018 to December 2019


SSP implementation OJT

14-20 October 2019


AOC OPS Specs Workshop

16-26 September 2019


ICF EASA International Cooperation Forum

9-12 September 2019

Auditing Techniques Workshop

27-28 November 2018


3rd Steering Committee Meeting

14 November 2018


AOC certification and Ops Specs at National Level Workshop

25 October 2018


2nd Steering Committee Meeting

23 May 2018

1st SSP/SMS Awareness Raising Conference

21 May 2018

Safety Roadmap Working Sessions

19 February - 02 March 2018

1st Steering Committee Meeting

06 December 2017

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