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SSP implementation support continues in 2021!

January 2021

The ASSP II project will continue in 2021 to support the implementation of the SSP (State Safety Programme) in Zambia.

In the current situation, face-to-face activities will be most likely replaced with remote, desk-based activities.

Part of the planned works will be:

  • Review and update the SSP implementation programme for 2021 based on the previous results during the its implementation in the previous years.

  • Deliver on-the-job training to the local relevant staff to fulfil the plan for the implementation of the SSP.

  • Continue to provide support to the ZCAA and the MoT in drafting/updating their SSP related regulations, manuals in accordance with the latest EASA IRs, ICAO SARPS and International Bets Practices and processes when necessary, through distance and on-the-spot support, with dedicated working sessions.

  • Propose procedures to ZCAA for effective oversight of related stakeholders’ SMS.

  • Deliver SSP training (Safety Promotion Activities) to ZCAA, MoT and other key staff from industry (this will include SSP principles for the industry to have a guidance on how to comply with the local requirements)

The ASSP II project is looking forward for starting again the cooperation on this topic in 2021!

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