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CORSIA for Zambian Aeroplane Operators and Civil Aviation Authority

The purpose of this activity was to provide training to the Zambia Civil Aviation Authority and the national Airplane Operators about CORSIA, in particular on the details of ICAO’s Annex XVI Volume IV, to ensure adequate knowledge and guarantee its implementation at the national level.

The session with the project expert, Maria de la Rica, took place on 6-7 September 2023 remotely and was divided into two days. The first day was focused on presenting the general aspects of the CORSIA mechanism as well as the background and the rationale behind its implementation. In the latter stage, the expert focused on the details of the MRV and CORSIA Eligible Fuels accounting and provided a practical session on how to use the CORSIA Emissions Reporting Tool (CERT), which is eligible for operators with a smaller volume of international routes subject to CORSIA offsetting requirements.

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