6th Project Steering Committee Meeting


Refer to the Agenda 



Thursday 9th July 2019 (09h-12h, Lusaka Local Time).



WebEx (An invitation will be sent in a separate email). Due to the current COVID-19 crisis, the meeting will be held via telematics means.


Considerations for the Webex meeting:

  • Please connect to the meeting at 0845am.

  • You are kindly requested to keep your microphone muted during the meeting.

  • Follow the Webex guidelines attached for more information.

Invited Delegates (by invitation only)

  • Ministry of Transport- Director of Transport (Chairman)

  • National Authorisation Officer

  • Zambian Civil Aviation Authority.

  • European Delegation.

  • EASA. Project Team. (Secretary)

  • ICAO Regional Director, ESAF (Observer)

  • Executive Director, iSASO (Observer)


  • ZACL

  • Delegates from the Zambian Industry

Meeting Documents



WebEx guidance

Work Plan 2020 (at July 2020)

ASSP II Work Plan Schedule 2020. July20

Presentation (will be uploaded before the meeting)