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AOC certification and Ops Specs at National Level Workshop

25 October 2018

On 25th October, at Zambian Civil Aviation Authority headquarters, Kenneth Kaunda Airport, a one-day Workshop for members of the Authority Flight Operations Safety Division was held.


The theme of the workshop was AOC certification and Ops Specs at National Level. We explored the origins of the ICAO SARPs through the establishment of the Chicago Convention, and on through those Annexes which applied particularly to our study subject. 

Even though this may well have been a case of ‘preaching to the Converted’ enough new material, or reminders of old, was covered to ensure lively interest and frequent interruption for discussion. 

Zambia may well be entering a phase of increased activity in the Commercial Aviation sector, with applications already received and planned for the near future. We must be prepared for the complexities of granting Air Operators Certificates to new and major carriers, with equipment and requirements beyond the current level within the State. The methods employed to examine the fitness of the new and existing Air Carriers to hold AOCs must evolve over the coming months.


This workshop will serve as the stepping stone to an expanded workshop involving all of the industry players in the coming months.

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