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Aviation Security Webinar 

November 2020

The workshop started on Thursday, the 5th of November 2020 and was divided in 5 sessions.

The instructor Cándido Guillén is an AESA expert analysed in-depth the different security screening equipment and technologies and pointed out the strengths and weaknesses of the screening processes.

The Expert further presented how a Security Management System can be implemented, based on the experience of AESA in Spain, and how to establish a training programme for screening operators.

​In a complementary way, the workshop tried to identify gaps in the AVSEC framework policies and procedures of ZCAA and service providers, and to provide support to ZCAA on possible findings. This was done by providing EU best practices and examples and through questions and answers with the participants throughout the activity.

All participants from the Zambian CAA, Zambia Airport C. L., ZEGA L., NAC 2000 C.L. and Proflight Zambia had a background in AVSEC in Zambia which was very positive for their participation in the exercises.



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