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Auditing Techniques Workshop

27-28 November 2018

On the 27th and 28th November 2018, EASA hosted an Auditing Techniques Workshop in Lusaka Zambia, organised by the ASSP-II Z in cooperation with ZCAA. The Auditing Techniques Workshop was attended by 42 participants from the Zambian Civil Aviation Authority, EASA, and Service Providers including the Airlines.

The overall objective of this activity was to assist the Civil Aviation Authority in Zambia, and its counterparts in the Industry in understanding both the techniques involved in a successful audit, and the overall objectives of the auditing process. 

The Authority and the Industry were able to better understand the cooperative nature of successful audits, and freely exchange views on how the desired outcomes can best be achieved. 

Also examined was the evolving nature of the Regulatory Oversight Procedures, particularly the movement towards Performance Based Oversight and how it may be used in the Zambian Aviation Sector. The Zambian aviation industry is growing, and external indicators show that arrivals of passengers will continue to grow in the coming years.  

Auditing Techniques Group Photo_edited.p

The workshop focused on:
•    a brief history of the Aviation Regulator and the role they play,
•    the State and International Standards and Recommended Practices
•    preparation for the audit
•    conduct of the audit
•    qualifying and quantifying findings
•    the annual oversight programs
•    compliance based and performance-based oversight safety management concepts, 
•    the relationship between safety management concepts and State Safety concepts

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