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12th Technical Working Group Meeting 

19 November 2020

The 12th Technical Working Group Meeting for the EU funded ASSP II Zambia project was held online due to the pandemic on the 19 of November 2020.

Representatives of the European Union Delegation to Zambia and COMESA, the Zambian Civil Aviation Authority, the National Authorisation Officers for the EDF and the European Union Aviation Safety Agency EASA,  reviewed the performance of the Aviation Sector Support Programme (ASSP II).

The aim is to continue to provide further technical assistance to key institutions and sector stakeholders with a view to enabling Zambia to meet the required international standards for civil aviation. The project will continue until 2021. 

Personal invitation has been sent with the instructions to access the teleconference.

For an overview of the topics in discussion please feel free to download the presentation and all meeting related documents clicking on the links below.

Screenshot 12 TWG.jpg

For more information, please download:

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