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7th Steering Committee Meeting 

2nd December 2020

The 7th Steering Committee Meeting of the ASSP II project in Zambia saw the participation of important stakeholders like ICAO ESAF, iSASO and EASA representatives, the National Authority Officers for the 11th EDF, the EU Delegation to ZAMBIA and COMESA,

The scope of the meeting was to review and validate with the Director of Transport from the Zambian Min. of Transport and the Zambian CAA the results and improvements since the begin of the project implementation in August 2017 and the forecast of activities for the next six months.

The project was able to flexibly adapt and deliver important activities and show achievements even despite the COVID 19 situation and the Zambian Civil Aviation Authority has been praised for the commitment shown and for the active role taken in leading the improvements.

The Steering Committee was enriched by new participants as Mr Claudio BACIGALUPI, new head of Infrastracture in the Zambian EUD, Mr MAGONGO seconded to iSASO as interim Director, Mr LLOYD LISHADU newly appointed Director of the Ministry of Transport in Zambia.

EASA's Carla IORIO section manager was introduced to the project stakeholders and had the opportunity to experience the full support that the project has gained locally.

The ASSP II project will be most likely extended for 12 more months, until August 2022.

ASSP II 7th SCM Group foto.png
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