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Mission of Mr. Mario Colavita, Head of EASA’s Safety Investigation Section in Lusaka

24-28 January 2022

The head of EASA’s Safety Investigation Section, Mr. Mario Colavita, was between 24-28 January 2022 in Lusaka and met the head of the Aircraft Incident Investigation Body (AAIB) of Zambia to finalise the work done virtually over many months. The objective was to assist the safety investigation authority of Zambia after being recently established as an independent entity and promote the development of policies and procedures in line with the international standards and recommended practices provided by ICAO Annex 13 provisions. Another important aim was to carry out a complete check of the status of Effective Implementation (EI) of the AIG Protocol Questions (PQs) and provide guidance on how to further improve in this domain.

January 2022 - EASA expert in Lusaka - 2
January 2022 - EASA expert in Lusaka
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