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Gender Equality in Aviation - workshop with industry, March 2021

25th March 2021

After a first session with the Zambian CAA in December 2020, the workshop  on Gender Equality in Aviation has been prepared for the industry enlarging the perspective to real hands on experiences of women in Europe and Zambia and with the inspiring input of the Zambian chapter of the Women in Aviation.


The participation has been very high (60 registered participants) and the session was made lively by interviews (Ms Lilian Lungu, Ms Carla Iorio, Mr Carlos Tortosa), open questions, surveys and the precious material prepared by the gender equality refernt in EASA, Ms Elena Garcia Sanchez.

The highlight of the participation of the WAIZ (Hildah Simulambo) and the testimony of their president Ms Yichidi Ndholovu, made the program even more intersting and inspiring.

The presentations and the results of the public anonymous surveys are here linked to be downloaded.

The answer for the open questions will be distributed at a later stage.


Foto from WAIZ.PNG
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