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Auditing Techniques Workshop

27-28 November 2018

This two day interactive workshop is designed to reinforce participants’ understanding of skills necessary to manage, plan, conduct and report a wide range of audits in support of regulatory compliance.

The objectives of this activity are:

  • To facilitate obtaining of the qualification as aeronautical auditor;

  • To learn the audit techniques and the processes needed for its performance;

  • To accredit a practical experience in the development of real audits in which the future auditor is formed and qualifies be able to put them in practice.

The key topics covered will be:

  • Basic management systems, audit / compliance monitoring principles and relative responsibilities;

  • Managing the audit process;

  • The audit planning process;

  • Interview and questioning techniques;

  • Evaluating and reporting of audit findings;

  • The corrective action and audit close-out process.


For more information, please download:

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