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2nd AOC Certification Workshop

10-11 December 2018

This two day interactive workshop is designed to reinforce participants’ understanding of skills necessary to manage AOC Certification Process in support of regulatory compliance.


The outcomes of this activity are:

  • To facilitate obtaining knowledge on the related, Requirements (ZCARS), Regulations and internal CAA processes;

  • To facilitate obtaining knowledge on the main international regulation (ICAO Annex 6, ICAO Doc 8335, etc.) and best practices;

  • To learn the approval processes and normal timelines needed for its performance;

  • To create a forum for dialogue among the interested stakeholders

The key topics covered will be:

  • The historical context.

  • The International Context

  • The State Context

  • The AOC Application process - the 5 phases

  • ZCARs, and related documentation 

  • The Flight Safety Document System

  • The role of the Quality Management System

  • The role of the Safety Management System 


For more information, please download:

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